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Key Issues for eDiscovery and Legal Compliance

Good electronic discovery (eDiscovery) practices and the technologies that support them are an essential best practice for any organization because they:

  • Enable organizations to preserve content, place content on litigation hold, and prevent this information from being deleted prematurely.
  • Enable the retention, protection, search and production of relevant content in support of an organization’s litigation efforts.
  • Minimize risk by significantly reducing the likelihood that an organization cannot satisfy a court or regulator request for information in the appropriate form and timeframe. Without good eDiscovery, organizations that encounter court orders or regulatory obligations to produce information run the risk of sanctions, fines or other penalties.
  • Allow organizations to index, classify, search for and produce business records and other information for reasons other than an eDiscovery order. Records may be used to satisfy a regulatory requirement to produce information, help managers perform an early case assessment or gather information for a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Implementing best practices around eDiscovery should be a high priority for every



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