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Compliance officers are responsible for ensuring their organization complies with government regulations,..., and avoids missteps that could result in hefty fines, legal ramifications, and reputation damage from threats both internal and external.

“To achieve effectiveness and sustainability in today’s complex, interconnected world, information security must be addressed at the highest levels of the organization, not regarded as a technical specialty relegated to the IT department. 

The security of information, as with other critical organizational resources, must be addressed at the total enterprise level. Information security is not only a technical issue, but a business and governance challenge that involves adequate risk management, reporting and accountability. Effective security requires the active involvement of executives to assess emerging threats and the organization’s response to them.” - IT Governance Institute 2003
Businesses are targeted on daily basis by many types of threats and it is your responsibility to protect your business from any malicious activities. This is an ongoing process and a compliance officer can lead your organization through the process of becoming compliant and secure with you focusing on your business functions. 

As there are new threats released daily, security is a continuing process, so even though you get an antivirus and encryption on your system, it does not mean that you are done with your protective measures. 

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